Empowering Communities Through the Arts with Hennepin Theatre Trust

Philanthropy in Action

“Hennepin Theatre Trust really engages with the community. They are known for their Broadway productions, although they do so much more. Students learn to think critically and build community through their educational programs and the art brings vibrancy downtown. We are proud to partner with Hennepin Theatre Trust.”

Ann Riemersma, Vice President of Corporate Operations and Administration; Chair of United Properties’ Charitable Giving Committee

United Properties believes in the transformative power of the arts and its ability to create vibrant and connected communities.

That’s why we are committed to supporting organizations that enhance the cultural fabric of the communities where we live and work. One such organization is Hennepin Theatre Trust, and since 2017, United Properties has proudly contributed to their mission.

United Properties’ focus on improving core business districts, parks, arts, and community events is why we support Hennepin Theatre Trust. We are investing in the enrichment of our communities through the arts. Hennepin Theatre Trust is dedicated to fostering community connections across Minnesota, bringing people together and creating cultural experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Hennepin Theatre Trust’s impact is far-reaching. Annually, they serve over 8,000 high school students across Minnesota through their Spotlight Education program, providing them with access to the arts and expanding their horizons. Additionally, Hennepin Theatre Trust attracts nearly 600,000 people to the Hennepin Theatre District, offering them the opportunity to experience art on the street and stage.

The mission of Hennepin Theatre Trust is to create positive change through the arts, by uniting people, businesses, and organizations to create and enjoy cultural experiences. Their vision is to advance the cultural and economic vitality of Minnesota through the leadership of a dynamic arts district, anchored by a major performing arts center. Our charitable donations are contributing to a vibrant cultural experience that elevates the quality of life for all.