Every day at 9 a.m., Martha Navis walks into our office with a smile on her face, creating deep roots as an administrative assistant.

Navis, who has been with us for almost five years, takes a 45-minute bus ride from Bloomington, Minn. to downtown Minneapolis to perform her duties as the “Admin’s admin,” as she likes to call herself. She starts her day by scoping out the office and ensuring that our space is ready to go for the day. Throughout the rest of the day, she is then available for anyone who needs her help whether it’s the developers, the marketing, accounting, or asset management teams. At about 4 p.m., Navis wraps up her day and takes the 45-minute bus ride back to Bloomington.

Navis’ Deep Roots at UP

Navis created deep roots here at United Properties five years ago when she had heard of a job opening for a receptionist position. After her job as a Group Sales Coordinator and Event Planner of 13 years at Hyland Hills Ski Area was coming to an end, she decided that she would imagine the possibilities of taking on a new role and create new roots with another company. Nearly two weeks later, Navis had transitioned into her receptionist position, and the rest is history.

Navis says that her greatest memory while working at United Properties was the transition from the old Bloomington office into the downtown setting. She explains that it was a “big change for everyone” but in a positive way; she stated that “the energy of the company changed in a good way a lot.” According to Navis, more people are eating at the café during the lunch hour, coming out of their way to visit with one another, laughing and chatting throughout the day, and overall senses a more exciting office atmosphere.

A Lasting UP Asset

Upon reflecting on her growth in her position with us, Navis explained that she has become more comfortable with the process of whatever it is that she’s doing. For example, in the beginning of her United Properties journey, she was concerned that a monthly financial would be upside down while using the binding machine, but now she realizes that things can always be done again. Her five years at United Properties has also taught Navis plenty about real estate development and the Pohlad Companies.

When asked if there was anything that people wouldn’t normally think she did in her position, she said that she helps everyone. From the developers and asset managers to the marketing and accounting teams, Navis is of great importance to this company. With her presence, she has undoubtedly instilled deep roots in her role.


About United Properties

United Properties has been creating deep roots in the commercial real estate industry for more than 100 years. The company imagines new possibilities in real estate to help enrich communities and create lasting legacies. United Properties provides market expertise for ground-up development, redevelopment and acquisitions of value-add and stable investments. The company invests in and develops office, industrial, retail, mixed-use and senior housing properties. United Properties is owned by the Pohlad Companies and is headquartered in Minneapolis, with offices in Denver and Austin, Texas.



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