Enriching Communities at Loren on Park


On Thursday, July 18, United Properties employees spent time with residents at Loren on Park, an Ebenezer senior living community located on the south side of Minneapolis. After partnering with them for the past few holidays to prepare gifts for the residents, we wanted to expand our partnership to be a bit more personal.

During our time there, we had a barbeque with the residents and played some good ‘ole bingo. According to the residents and the workers, an event like this had never really been done before at the community. In fact, it was the first of its kind.

Ray Oborn speaking to seniors
Ray Oborn speaking to seniors at Loren on Park.

Loren on Park takes in seniors who are low-income, have severe mental health issues, drug addictions, and/or have been previously homeless. As part of our charitable giving and inclusion and diversity initiatives, United Properties approved to fund a monthly donation to Loren on Park that would supply the community with basic household items such as toiletries, cleaning and hygiene products, and other necessities – things that are somewhat sparse at the community. We also packaged mattress encasements, bed sheets, and pillow covers for each resident.

At United Properties, we try not to merely focus on effective and innovative real estate development but also how we can use our privilege to enrich the community we share with others. What affects a part of our community affects our entire community, and we look forward to how we can further enrich not only Loren on Park, but Minneapolis as a whole, too.