Kickin’ at Kickernick: Imagining Possibilites through Renovation


The historic Kickernick building in the Minneapolis Warehouse District has gone through quite the renovation. This past May, an extensive lobby renovation plan that would enhance the historic charm of the 150,000-sq.-ft. building, “kicked” into full swing.

Now, six months later, the renovation is complete, and voila! Our tenants are ready to start kickin’ it back at Kickernick with a new interior!

Front lobby
Kickernick building front lobby

Out With the New and In With the Old

Built in 1896, the seven-story building was originally a factory and warehouse, which was later occupied by a lingerie company called Kickernick – hence, why the building is now called Kickernick.

Throughout its six-month renovation, it was a goal to imagine possibilities of restoring the building’s history by exposing more of its existing brick and timber construction. Additionally, with the elimination of the added dropped ceilings and drywall, the building’s original 19th-century materials were exposed.

seating area and front desk
Kickernick seating area and front desk

Other Renovations

The new lobby took on the open concept with collaboration stations and a more eminent entryway off First Avenue. New elevators, bathrooms, bike storage and showers have also been added onto the first floor.

Kickernick entryway

The renovation also included a full demolition of a multi-tenant floor into a refurbished single tenant floor plate. Other floors in the building received new bathrooms and upgraded corridors.

At United Properties, we strive to imagine possibilities through renovations. With the Kickernick building, we reinforced its historic character to implement unique office spaces for a charming and visually appealing interior.

We will continue to envision such possibilities so that our communities, clients and tenants can have welcoming and enjoyable working spaces.