87th & Indiana

Site-appropriate design for a scenic location.

In view of beautiful Colorado mountains, this United Property development balances a respect for the local landscape while bringing added convenience to nearby residents. A commitment to high-end design and a site-appropriate rustic look tie the development together while staying true to the distinctive brands of both retailers. This project is among the most recent of the Denver office’s growing retail business.

Property type:


Total space:

Starbucks: 2,200 SF
7-Eleven: 3,062 SF

Available space:

Fully leased

Features & amenities:

Mountain views
High-end, rustic design
Drive-thru (Starbucks)
6 Fuel Stations, including 2 diesel (7-Eleven)
Convenience store (7-Eleven)
Unique roof lines (7-Eleven)

United Properties role:


Project partners:

General Contractor: Pioneer Group
Architect: The Dimension Group