Enterprise Business Center 8

A “next generation” mixed-use project

Employees in industrial zones no longer have to face lengthy commutes to go to lunch, grab a cup of coffee, work out or enjoy drinks after work. It’s all right next door, thanks to EBC 8, a “next gen mixed-use” concept pioneered by United Properties. “Workers want more convenience, and retailers want to be where the customers are,” explains Alicia Rhymer, Vice President, United Properties.

Property type:

Multi-tenant retail

Total space:

Building 1: 12,500 sq. ft.
Building 2: 4,400 sq. ft.
Building 3: 6,500 sq. ft.

Available space:

Fully leased


Building 1: 9200 E. 40th Ave.
Building 2: 3990 Central Park Blvd.
Building 3: 3996 Central Park Blvd.

Tenant info:

Building 1: New Horizon Academy
-Childcare and learning center for all stages of childhood, infants – school-aged children
-A Minnesota family-owned and operated company that has been serving young children for over 45 years
-Over 60 schools in CO, IA, ID & MN

Building 2:
-Cheba Hut
Toasted Subs
Over 25 locations in AZ, CA, CO, NM, NV, OR & WI

Building 3:
-Fuzzy’s Taco Shop