In Broomfield, CO, the United Properties Denver team had a vision of transforming a city street corner into a 7-Eleven. Initially, that proposal didn’t quite catch the attention of the city. With a plan to make the space more meaningful with public art and innovative design elements, while working closely with the city’s council members, an imagined possibility became a reality for the Denver team.  

Let’s look at how the 7-Eleven in Broomfield, CO became the mid-century modern, artistic 7-Eleven it is today.  

Imagining the Possibilities with Broomfield  

The city of Broomfield originally didn’t envision a gas station occupying the space – it imagined a different purpose for 120th Ave. and Perry Street. However, the Denver team presented a mid-century modern 7-Eleven that would incorporate a public art element to reflect the city’s culture and history to win over the city. 

The city became responsive to the approach and appreciated UP’s work in listening to the needs of the community, as well as incorporating innovative design elements. By working closely to accomplish the same goal, United Properties and the city of Broomfield were able to transform this space from an imagined possibility into not just another 7-Eleven, but a gateway to an artistically inspired community. It became the first mural a 7-Eleven store in Colorado ever commissioned.  

The Mural  

The artwork is by Denver street artists and muralists Pat Milberry (a Minnesota native) and Pat McKinney, as part of the SoGnar Creative Division, with the help of Josh Deitchman (who goes by @lowkey_creative on Instagram)The mural reflects aspects quintessential to Colorado.  Inspired by art deco, the mural complements the 7-Eleven palette and aims to imitate the golden hour of the day that we wish we could freeze in time.  

The Broomfield font choice is also important and aligns with what United Properties stands for – future growth. The interpretive and abstract visual of the corn on the left side of the painting gives roots to the area’s landscape and vegetation and is reflective of our “Creating Deep Roots” tagline.  

This mural serves as an outlet to not only an art-inspired area, but what United Properties strives to accomplish in real estate development: looking for innovative ways to imagine possibilities and work with others to execute meaningful and transformative real estate.  

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