Strengthening Communities at Cherrywood Pointe: Heartfelt Mission Moment


The aging process is a time of new discovery. Despite the limitations aging may inflict upon us, we have more opportunities to experience the joys of life for a more fulfilled and unburdened lifestyle. At United Properties, we embrace those joys of aging through exceptional care and programming at our Cherrywood Pointe (CWP) memory care and assisted living communities.

Every month at the Cherrywood Pointe operations meetings, heartfelt stories of the residents and their experiences with the senior living community are shared. Last month, we received a special mission moment from John who was touched by the care for his mother from the Cherrywood Pointe staff in Plymouth, MN.

John’s CWP Experience
John noticed that the Cherrywood Pointe staff strived to help his mother embrace the joy of aging. “Her health was failing by the day, but they did absolutely everything that they could to lift her up…to help her enjoy every day, despite the challenging situation.” He also explains that the whole CWP staff – including nurses, administrators, building maintenance, chefs and assistants – knew his mom, not just her immediate care team.

The Cherrywood Pointe staff also ensured his mother, as well as John himself, became part of the Cherrywood Pointe family. From Easter celebrations in common rooms to small family gatherings, the Cherrywood Pointe staff made sure that John and his family were always taken care of.

“The Cherrywood Pointe team appreciated my mom for who she was … They saw a strong, successful and beautifully humble human being,” explains John. He also goes on to say that Cherrywood Pointe became an extension of his mother’s family and for that, he is “forever grateful.”

Ray Oborn, president of Cherrywood Pointe Investments, emphasizes the importance of this mission moment. “It’s a powerful reminder that in this business, our buildings become the residents’ home and the Cherrywood Pointe team members part of the residents’ family,” says Oborn.

Here at United Properties and Cherrywood Pointe, we put our residents at the forefront of our mission, and we’re happy to do that. We’re even happier when we know that our care and mission execution has strengthened a family – and a community.

And we’ll continue doing just that with all our senior living communities so that the joy of aging can be embraced.

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