The Pohlad Sponsorship Program is a 12-month, cross-organization, cohort-based program aimed at future or high potential leaders who will take on new and highly visible roles in upcoming years. Research has found that mentoring is necessary for leadership development, but it is not enough to help diverse talent advance. The desired outcome of a sponsorship program is to enhance development, increase retention, give participants more visibility to leaders, increase their knowledge of career opportunities, and increase commitment and engagement. This program is directed toward 50% women and 30% people of color.

We are proud to continue our involvement with the Pohlad Sponsorship Program, having had Maria Jamero take part as a sponsored participant in the first cohort. To build on this, Cavonte Johnson has now been chosen to join the second cohort, which begins in 2023.

At United Properties, we understand how crucial it is to have diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership development. We look forward to continuing to support the Pohlad Sponsorship Program, and are eager to see the growth and success of our sponsored participants.

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“We are proud to support individuals across our organizations through an effective and equitable sponsorship program in our journey to truly build an inclusive culture.”
Erryn Williams, Chief Talent and Diversity Officer, Pohlad Companies