Since 2018, Brandon Champeau, senior vice president of development and Minneapolis market leader, United Properties, has been forging a strong relationship with Houston White, a local entrepreneur and visionary.Their initial connection arose from their shared involvement in the Upper Harbor project, where Brandon immediately resonated with Houston’s powerful concept of “Culture + Capacity.”

The concept is simple yet profound: combining Houston’s rich cultural perspective with the resources and development expertise of United Properties, and collaboratively nurturing the Camdentown community. What possibilities could arise from this unique synergy? This question sparked a series of late-night meetings between Brandon and Houston, culminating in a multi-phased vision to transform the intersection of 44th Avenue North and Humboldt Avenue North in Minneapolis into an extraordinary destination.

Fast forward to 2023, and Phase II of the project has just been completed. Phase I introduced a reimagined barbershop along with The Get Down Coffee Company, which brought new life to the area. Phase II, known as Camdentown Flats, goes even further by providing market-rate apartments catering to the next generation of Black professionals.

You might wonder, why the phased approach? Why not undertake a complete redevelopment of Camdentown all at once? The answer lies in preserving the essence of the community. By taking gradual steps, we honor the people who make up this vibrant neighborhood. Houston often likens this strategy to creating a mixtape — starting small, yet inspiring curiosity about what could happen next.

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“We got brave enough to do something small, together, to prove that it’s possible. And I hope that the project is kind of a beacon to how you do community development different.”
Houston White, local entrepreneur and co-founder of The Get Down Coffee Company