The Living Room of the North Loop: The Nordic

Community Developments & Operating Assets

Exterior bocce and curling court

Retail experience destination with FRGMT, North Loop Galley food hall, and Thr3 Jack golf simulation bar

Extensive programming for public and tenants

The Nordic is more than just a building — it’s a vibrant community hub for tenants, neighbors, and visitors alike.

From its impressive plethora of amenities to its commitment to the local community, The Nordic changed the way we experience the North Loop.

Completed in 2019, this mixed-use development has an easement agreement made with the City of Minneapolis to allow for a trail connection. The outdoor plaza offers tenants and visitors alike a place to unwind and socialize, while the lively lobby is open to the public and houses the multi-roaster FRGMT coffee shop.

Office tenants can look forward to a variety of exciting activities, from curling and bocce courts to on-site fitness and event programming. In the summer months, they can take advantage of outdoor yoga, live music, and cultural markets — all open to both tenants and the public.

The Nordic is a popular destination for its unique retail and dining options, such as North Loop Galley, an exciting food hall with four rotating restaurants, The Freehouse, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, and Thr3 Jack golf simulation bar. Not only is this a must-visit destination, but The Nordic is also committed to supporting and improving the surrounding community, making it a premier spot for years to come.