Creative, Equitable and Inclusive Development Benefiting the Community: Upper Harbor

Community Developments & Operating Assets

140+ community meetings over 5 years

2,000+ survey responses over 5 years

Ground lease payments and a portion of every ticket fee will go toward a community fund that goes back to North Minneapolis to fund anti-gentrification efforts, job training, and wealth creation

Since 2016, United Properties has been spearheading an extraordinary project in North Minneapolis, known as the Upper Harbor development.

This once-in-a-generation opportunity aims to create a large-scale, publicly-owned asset that will uplift the community and foster economic growth.

The proposed development plan encompasses a wide range of amenities that address the diverse needs of the community. The development will prioritize affordability, offering varying levels of new affordable housing with larger units to address the need for family housing in the area.  Advanced manufacturing spaces will be established to provide job opportunities and career pathways for nearby residents. A community health and wellness hub will seek to bring local partners in healthcare, recreation, and other preventative health services to the underserved community. Ground-floor commercial spaces will be available for local retailers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs, ensuring the project supports local economic growth.

One of the standout features of the development is a publicly owned and privately managed community performing arts center, capable of hosting up to 8,000 seats for ticketed events.

The development emphasizes public ownership of the land and provides publicly accessible riverfront access. Ground lease payments will contribute to a new city fund, supporting anti-gentrification efforts, job training, and wealth creation in the Northside community. Additionally, a fee of $3 per ticket at the community performing arts center will be directed into a privately managed community fund.

The Upper Harbor development is guided by a restorative approach to racial justice, reconnecting the Northside community to the river with community-focused development and the creation of parkland. Partners in this project include George Group North, First Avenue, and the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, among others, ensuring a collaborative and holistic approach to community building. United Properties is dedicated to creating a transformative project that supports the social, economic, and environmental well-being of North Minneapolis. This project is for the community, by the community.