First LEED Silver speculative industrial building in Minnesota: Midway Stadium Business Center

Green Building Certifications & Awards

First LEED pre-certified multi-tenant industrial building in Minnesota

Solar panels on roof to power the exterior lighting

Sophisticated stormwater-handling system

United Properties continues to drive innovation and sustainability in our developments, making a positive impact on communities and the environment.

United Properties has undertaken a remarkable project in the form of the Midway Stadium Business Center, located on the site of the former State Fair dump and Midway Stadium. This 13-acre brownfield has been revitalized, resulting in the development of a cutting-edge 189,000-sq.-ft. flex industrial office/warehouse space.

At the time of its development, the Midway Stadium Business Center was recognized as the greenest industrial building in the state of Minnesota. It was also the first LEED pre-certified multi-tenant industrial building in the state, highlighting our dedication to environmentally friendly practices.

United Properties, in partnership with the St. Paul Port Authority, took responsibility for the multimillion-dollar environmental cleanup of the contaminated site, ensuring the restoration of the land to a safe and usable condition. Moreover, we actively sought tenants who shared our commitment to green practices, fostering a community of environmentally conscious businesses.

The Midway Stadium Business Center serves as a model for future developments, highlighting the capabilities of transforming brownfields into sustainable and profitable spaces. Its energy-saving design is in line with the Port Authority’s 2030 green design requirements, showcasing United Properties’ commitment to sustainable practices. To save tenants money and reduce the building’s carbon footprint, a solar panel system was installed on the roof to power the exterior lighting. In addition, a sophisticated stormwater-handling system was incorporated, with sand underneath the parking lot to absorb water and high-tech porous pavement to prevent stormwater runoff.