Green building certifications: BOMA
360, IREM Certified Sustainable
Property, high ENERGY STAR scores
for all buildings

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Green cleaning and green purchasing

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Sustainable operating practices
resulted in over $348,00 in savings
over a 3-year period ending in 2022


With a commitment to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship, Centennial Lakes Office Park has achieved notable green building certifications and implemented innovative strategies. Each of the five buildings proudly hold BOMA 360 certifications and are recognized as an IREM Certified Sustainable Property. Each building has received the EPA’s coveted ENERGY STAR designation every year since 2009, validating their commitment to energy efficiency.

Centennial Lakes Office Park sought to improve long-term energy performance and did so by enrolling in Xcel Energy’s Energy Information Systems (EIS) program. The property installed Lucid’s BuildingOS platform, an energy information system which detects anomalies and project opportunities. This, combined with other energy-saving measures, resulted in a total of over $300,000 in energy cost savings over three years.

Centennial Lakes Office Park’s sustainability efforts extend beyond energy management. LED lighting has been implemented throughout the property, including parking lots, common areas, and tenant spaces, contributing to energy savings and enhanced lighting quality. The property also follows a rigorous green purchasing policy, ensuring that sustainable materials and products are used throughout the facility.

Centennial Lakes Office Park reduces its environmental footprint by utilizing microfiber rags and Green Seal-certified vacuum cleaners for green cleaning practices, as well as providing two SemaConnect GE DuraStation electric car charging stations to encourage electric vehicle adoption by tenants and visitors.

This development exemplifies how sustainability can positively affect the environment, as well as business success, through its green building certifications and sustainable operations.