Eco-conscious Living in Austin: Shelby Ranch

Sustainable Developments & Operating Assets

Residents can collect fresh eggs, honey, and produce on site

10,000-gallon cistern tank which collects rainwater and offsets
irrigation needs

Up to 21 electric vehicle charging stations

Shelby Ranch provides a unique living experience that embraces sustainability, eco-consciousness, and modern amenities.

A new development designed for eco-conscious living with a focus on sustainable practices and green living will soon be delivered at the end of 2024. At Shelby Ranch, we are committed to creating a vibrant and healthy community that embraces sustainable living, while providing all the modern amenities that you need to live comfortably.

Shelby Ranch is a Certified Wildlife Habitat, which means that we have taken all the necessary measures to preserve the local ecosystem and its inhabitants. Our community features native local plants that thrive in this region, making it easy for our residents to enjoy the beauty of nature without having to travel far.

As part of our commitment to sustainable living, we have included fruit-bearing trees and an herb garden within the community. Our residents can enjoy fresh produce from our courtyard garden, which includes a chicken coop for eggs, and urban beehives where residents can collect honey. The courtyard rain gardens help to manage stormwater runoff while providing a lush and green oasis within the community.

To further reduce our environmental impact, we have installed solar panels on our carports, which help to offset common area utilities. Additionally, we will install up to 21 dual-port EV charging stations, making it easy for residents to charge their electric vehicles.

We are proud to feature a 10,000-gallon cistern tank, which collects rainwater and offsets irrigation needs for our community. This ensures that our community has a reliable and sustainable source of water while also reducing our reliance on municipal water supplies.