A Green Building Success Story: Ford Center

Sustainable Developments & Operating Assets

LEED Core and Shell Gold certified

Energy-related changes have resulted in 25% annual reduction of electrical usage and 40% reduction in natural gas usage

Sustainable changes have led to almost $1 million in annual tenant savings

United Properties continues to lead the way in sustainable development, transforming spaces into environmentally responsible and efficient structures.

United Properties has achieved a remarkable transformation at the Ford Center. Once a vertical-assembly automotive plant, it has now become a cutting-edge, 21st century office space that seamlessly blends historic character with innovative sustainable practices.

The Ford Center stands as a shining example of successful sustainable operating changes, resulting in positive environmental impacts and significant tenant savings. Through the implementation of LED bulb replacements, motion sensors, and utility tracking monitors, the overall electrical efficiency has been greatly increased.

Since 2013, the Ford Center has made it a priority to maximize mechanical efficiencies. Implementations such as optimized HVAC and boiler schedules, chilled water plant enhancements, automated restroom supply tracking, and monitored airflow have contributed to this goal. Not only has this reduced the environmental impact, but it has also yielded remarkable tenant savings of $1 million.

The Ford Center has received multiple awards in recognition of its dedication to energy efficiency. It achieved LEED Core and Shell Gold certification, the highest standard of green building practices, as well as BOMA 360 certification in 2014 and 2017 for its excellence in building operations and management.