A Modern, Sustainable Community in Eden Prairie: The Ellie

Sustainable Developments & Operating Assets

25% of units are affordable

Preserved 7 significant trees

6 green pocket roof locations

Relocated 4 of the original homes on the site

We are proud to be responsible contributors to our community and are passionate about creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for all.

At The Ellie, a new residential project that broke ground in fall of 2022, sustainability and inclusivity are at the forefront of our efforts.

We are dedicated to providing a beautiful, environmentally friendly community for our residents. To this end, we have taken several steps to ensure sustainability, such as relocating four out of seven homes that were previously on the site to prevent demolition, partnering with diverse vendors at the start of the project to foster an inclusive atmosphere, and making 25% of our units affordable to ensure accessibility.

To enhance the resident experience, we have incorporated natural light and preserved trees to encourage healthy living, installed electric vehicle charging stations and six green pocket roof locations to promote biodiversity, and added pervious pavement to select areas to reduce stormwater runoff and better support the surrounding ecosystem.